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PhD: East Coast of the Baltic Sea: Politics, Identity and Musicology in Rock Music. Finland, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania in 1990s-2010s.

Master's by Research (MRes): 1990s U.S. Pacific Northwest: Design of Art Chantry. Research on the 1990s Seattle Grunge graphic design through Benjamin Walter 'Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction' (1935); 1980s U.S domestic politics, Generation X and cult of the dead celebrity. Focusing on graphic design work of Art Chantry (The Rocket, Sub Pop), David Carson (RayGun) and Raymond Pettibon (SST Records).

BA (HONS) Media Production: Film and Television. 
Factual Storytelling, Screen Production, Hollywood and Independent Cinema, Cinematography & Post-Production, TV Studio Production, Transmedia and Research. Including theory, marketing, video and project creation involving all production roles. Varied formats, equipment and practices.

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PhD:Research on 1990s Seattle grunge movement; 90s Christian rock and political involvement; New Democrats and censorship in music (Telecommunications Act 1996, Bill Clinton, Music Diplomacy Act 2022); Protest music (folk, jazz and rock); Blue Note Records influence on grunge graphic design of Art Chantry; Christian rock and religious criticism of the aforementioned genres. The research discusses Marxist musicology, the work of Georg Knepler, Charles Seeger and the Composer`s Collective, and the American Communist Party. Likewise, the musical and political influence of Joe Hill. Including Western sociomusicology of Kurt Blaukopf, Paul Honigsheim, Carl Dahlhaus and Theodor W. Adorno. Alongside, discussing the significance and value of celebrity endorsement in politics, social value and the influence of music on society.

Master's by Research (MRes) 1990s US Pacific Northwest: Sociomusicology and Politics. Research on 1990s Seattle grunge scene, examining political activism of the scene, Generation X, Parents Music Resource Centre (PMRC), censorship and U.S 1980s hardcore punk scene (West Coast and Minneapolis). Research includes aspects of sociomusicology: emotional strength and pleasure of melancholic music, music as a reflection of emotional remembrances and society.

BA (HONS) Film and American Studies: Documentary, Transnational, Independent and Cult Cinema. Culture and Society in the U.S 1929-60s, U.S foreign affairs in the 20th century, U.S conflict in the East Asian Mainland.

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